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Today, Sean Lee returned to practice.  The talk all day is about the Cowboys defense vs. the Bears defense.  How the Bears have a history of great linebackers, and just great defense from Dick Butkis to Mike Singletary to Brian Urlacher.  And now, there defense is ranked dead last against the run, and 21st against the pass.  No great middle linebacker in there for them...  Lance Briggs.. is out.. and there great corner Charles Tillman is also out.  So, that seems to make their defense very vulnerable.  But we are talking about the Dallas Cowboys.. we never take the easy road..  Garrett doesn't seem to know how to attack the other teams weaknesses??  But, other teams always seem to know how to attack ours.  I can only hope for them to show up and play a good game in order to give themselves a chance to win.  I do think they have the offensive fire power, its just whether or not they can get in rhythm and let the offense flow.


After a demoralizing defeat the Cowboys ae now 1 game out of the lead in the NFC East...  but honestly after seeing a performance like that...  we didn't deserve to win that game.  The defense could not stop the Bears not even once.  8 possesions, 8 scores..  I got so upset.. i started just starring at the tv.. but not watching..  i was totally disgusted...  So, what now..  nothing according to Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett...  its a process.. says Garrett..  I'm so sick of hearing about the process.. i want to see some results.  This is the worst defense probably in history..with 3 games left..  how can you fix something that has been broken nearly all year.. Monte Kiffin,  whom i thought was a great defensive coordinator cannot do anything with this group..  playing a scheme that is outdated in today's nfl, and playing with literally almost no talent evidently..  because this defense is supposed to be the simplest defense in the nfl...  it can only get worse..  the players are also to blame.. cause they are the ones playing the game.  It almost seemed like there wasn't much effort on monday night.. cold as it was...  the Bears showed up to play, but it didn't look like the cowboys did.  Whatever is going on at Valley Ranch,  some heads need turned.. i'm really tired of just being a mediocre team.. i miss the glory days... i want championships..  superbowls...


The Washingon Redskins have shut down/benched Robert Griffin III ... Mike Shanahan says its to save him from getting hurt before the season is over.  He says he wants him to be healthy and be able to have an offseason program.  But at the same time can you read between the lines??  From all reports over the past year, Griffin and Shanahan have not exactly seen eye to eye.. Shanahan did not really want to put Griffin out there on week 1 of the season..  he did not feel that Griffin would be able to perform the way he did the season before because of the injury.. He wanted to start Kirk Cousins for the beginning of the season, and see how Griffin's progress was.  But Griffin had other idea's and he had Dan Schneider (Redskins owner) backing him all the way.   Anyway, all i've heard all offseason and during the season is that Griffin and Shanahan are not a happy couple.  And now it is being said via espn that Mike Shanahan is benching Griffin to try to get fired, but he would be owed anywere from 7 to 13 million to exit Washington.  All being said its just very curious to me. If you want to win.. you put your best player out there.


After 2 very embarrassing losses to the Bears, and Packers.  The Cowboys found away to put together a good enough of a game to beat the Redskins.  Just enough to have the fans get excited for another week 17 win or go home game.  That's right.. for the 3rd straight year the Cowboys found themselves on the virge of the playoffs.  All they had to do once again is to just win the game.  But, for the 3rd straight year they just found a way to lose.  Now its official, we've let each of the other 3 teams take the division one at a time.  It just seems that were not destined to ever get over the hump with Tony Romo, even though Romo did not even play in this game against the Eagles.  His era seemed to loom over the building.  Kyle Orton started in his place, played pretty well in his place, but in the end, got the same result as Romo has had the previous 2 seasons.  INTERCEPTION!!!!  with under 2 minutes left in the game and the game on the line.  It almost just seems fitting.  As the Cowboys wallow in mediocrity every other team seems to just keep improving as time passes.  When will Jerry learn.  He's not a football man!!  He's not a Genera Manager!!  He's not a football coach!!  What he is.. is an owner that feels he has to meddle in business that should not be his.


Free agency has not been a strong suit for the Dallas Cowboys pretty much since its inception. Every now and then we find a descent player, but for the most part we overpay for mediocrity or worse.. a below average player. This year is different so far. The big news is not overpaying for anyone so far.. but that we have cut Demarcus Ware. And he wasn't out on the market 24 hours and signed with the Denver Broncos. A 3 year deal worth 30 million, with 20 million guaranteed. I think it was the only option for the Cowboys because of all the bad past decisions we've made. We are in salary cap hell. With Demarcus gone the Cowboys set there sights to see what was going to happen to Jason Hatcher. Today he signed a 4 year deal with the Washington Redskins. Now what, the 2 best linemen we had are gone. The defense now is to be led by Sean Lee. The question about him is can he stay healthy and make it thru an entire season. In the meantime, the Cowboys have signed a couple of defensive players that have minimal playing time. So, we still can't really go crazy and spend money to sign a big name and honestly because of their situation, they really have to rely on the draft in order to build. If you ask me.. I believe you should always build in the draft. Let free agents go get there big money other places since right now we don't have it. After we build a core group of young talent. Then you use free agency the way it really should be used, pick up players you really think can help you for a minimal price. That way the players your paying the ridiculous money too don't keep hurting your cap space.


A couple of days ago.. Colin Kapernick signed a 6 year $126 million dollar deal with $60 million guaranteed money.  Or, is it...  I don't have all the details but basically the breakdown is that its a year to year deal.  As long as he performs up to satisfaction the 49ers, they will bring him back each year.  If he doesn't... then they can cut him with no cap hit whatsoever...   Also, Kapernick wanted to make it a team friendly deal so that they could be able to sign other players around him.   Normally when a quarterback signs a big deal, teams can't afford to sign all the other signifigant players on the team and that starts the decline of most teams.  Because they have to pay out so much money for there quarterback that the money they are getting paid takes a big hit on the salary cap.  I really like the deal..  i've always thought that incentive laiden contracts are the best way to sign and keep good players.  If all players wanted to win as much as it seems that Kapernick does...  no team would have any salary cap problems.   And the other thing is that if all your players are playing year to year.. then that makes them feel like they are playing in a contract year.. it would make them work harder to perform better.. and that would make for some better football... i'm all for that..

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